The Achievex Advantage

A Proven Formula to Improve Sales and Productivity

The Achievex Five-Pronged Approach has proven to improve the sales and productivity of Achievex independent Advisors by providing them all the resources they need to succeed.


Our training and business development programs are designed to improve our independent advisor’s ability to market themselves, build lasting relationships, improve sales productivity, and manage their business efficiency. These include:

The ‘16 Steps’ Sales Training:

The 16 Steps is a proprietary training manual written by Peter Freedman. It guides the independent advisors through every step of the insurance sale process. This starts with self-preparation, moves through lead generation, client meeting preparation, conducting the meet, and goes all the way through to maintaining the client over their lifetime. The 16 Steps are trained throughout the year.

Business Building:

As part of our offering, we train and assist the independent advisor to build, maintain, and manage their practice. This ensures that an advisor’s practices remain sustainable and more profitable.

CE Accredited Training and Sales Workshops

To remain knowledgeable and able to comprehensively meet the needs of your client, the independent advisor must remain abreast of the provider’s new products and offerings. Achievex ensures that the various product houses train throughout the year in our offices.

In partnership with Bridgeforce, we also offer many professional development days throughout the year. All this training is CE accredited. For the current schedule of professional development days please click here:



Achievex Financial Services Inc. is proud to have developed the knowledge and skills to assist the independent advisor to resolve the needs of the client with complex financial and/or health needs. This consulting can be as simple as guiding the independent advisor to the appropriate insurance carrier or may include meeting the client with the independent advisor and running multiple scenarios ensuring an optimal solution for the client.

The team at Achievex draws on decades of combined experience to ensure that the independent advisor has team of professionals to support their offering to their clients



Our administrators have significant experience and are measured against the highest standards of service and advice that they offer. Their roles are to ensure the independent advisor is free from administration so as to focus on client relationships and sales.

Our advisors are given a dedicated service administrator thus ensuring extremely personalised and focused attention.



At Achievex we recognise that our independent advisors are exactly that, independent. For that reason we have created an environment and culture that welcome, motivates and rewards the advisor. This is done through constant training, advice and numerous incentives and awards throughout the year. These range from monthly, quarterly and annuals incentives to a conference every 18-24 months



WealthServ is a one-stop technical support shop for Achievex Financial Services Inc. independent advisors. Used by both the independent advisor and the back office support, daily updates provide the independent advisor with the most current and up-to-date status on all applications, pending requirements and underwriting decisions.

All applications are scanned and hosted on a secure server allowing 24 hour access to your data. WealthServ is extremely user friendly and efficient, and is designed specifically for the independent advisor. The features of the site are designed to facilitate the independent advisor’s new business process, and the secure database ensures privacy and quick access to all updates from the support office and the product suppliers.


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