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 One-stop technical support

WealthServ is a one-stop technical support shop for Achievex Financial Services Inc. independent advisors. Used by both the independent advisor and the back office support, daily updates provide the independent advisor with the most current and up-to-date status on all applications, pending requirements and underwriting decisions.

All applications are scanned and hosted on a secure server allowing 24 hour access to your data. WealthServ is extremely user friendly and efficient, and is designed specifically for the independent advisor. The features of the site are designed to facilitate the independent advisor’s new business process, and the secure database ensures privacy and quick access to all updates from the support office and the product suppliers.

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Repvision is to segregated fund reporting what Wealthserv is to life insurance new business processing and reporting. It offers the advisor utodate reporting on their clients segregated fund investments as well as performance reporting.

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